Why Demi Lovato is a Goddess


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that Demi Lovato has recently come out with a new album and a documentary on YouTube. I’ve always loved her music but I don’t read celebrity gossip, so I knew very little about her personal life. Turns out, she’s got a very captivating life story and at the age of twenty-five, has been on quite a ride. At a time when all we have to aspire to are avocado-nibbling model-thin women on Instagram who post photos of themselves with food they aren’t going to eat and share videos of themselves on holidays we’ll never afford, it’s extremely pleasing to get a glimpse into the life of a young female celebrity who endures many of the struggles that us “normal” women do. Yes, she’s a celebrity and a very successful one at that at, but her life hasn’t been all peaches and cream.

In the interviews, Demi opens up about her past drug addictions, bad relationship with food, daddy issues and feeling pressure to be perfect. She is honest without being too dramatic and she speaks straight from her heart. She opens up about how she spent a lot of her teenage years in a depression and still struggles today. She spoke about break-ups, heartbreak, pills, anger issues and fantasising about her own funeral. Demi uses the gym as an outlet for her emotions and uses exercise to keep her balanced. She still struggles with an eating disorder, but she can talk about it now and works with a therapist to understand it. Demi grew up on the Disney channel and felt the stresses of working life from a young age. She was thrust into the spotlight and asked to be a role model before she was ready. And she was bullied very badly in school, and had a father who was a mess and subjected her and her siblings to things nobody should have to go through.

As a young woman who regularly feels insecure, lost, inadequate and frustrated, it was so comforting to have someone I admire talk so openly about their struggles. The filtered world of Instagram gets so exhausting sometimes, and leaves me feeling as though I’ll never be good enough, for myself or anyone else. To see Demi using the gym to rebuild herself, taking bold steps towards independence and talking honestly about her set-backs, was such a moment of enlightenment for me. It made me realise how human we all are. And how beautiful the world would be if we were more honest with each other. We could be supportive instead of competitive, and love one another instead of judging one another. If more of us spoke about our challenges, insecurities and fears, we would know that we aren’t alone. 

Maybe you think this is lame and superficial and boring. You might not even know who Demi Lovato is. Watch the documentary and then decide for yourself. We all seek role models and people to look up to. I look up to women who have endured tough times, because those are the women I relate to. The women who were bullied, misunderstood and had to fight others but also themselves. The women who never felt good enough and pushed themselves to extremes in the quest for perfection. The women who broke and had to work long and hard to repair and heal. The women who are tired of the bullshit, the fake shit, the plastic and who want to be open, honest and real. Writing this blog is always a release for me, a way to express what I’m really thinking and feeling, and I love when other people write to me and share their similar thoughts and experiences. Let me know who your role model is; you can contact me on Instagram or Facebook.