Spin Class is like Therapy

A really good friend of mine recently introduced me to Psycle, which is a boutique spin studio in central London. My sister had always raved about Spin but to be honest, I hated it! I tried going a few times and just couldn’t understand why people would put themselves on a stationary bike and pedal for an hour, whilst feeling sweaty and nauseous. I preferred running, outdoors, breathing fresh air and feeling free. But then I went to Psycle, and it changed my life.

The first time I went, I cried. Yes, that’s right, real tears. It was an incredible, powerful, emotional experience. It was like a church. If you live in London, you’ll get it. Maybe you’ve been to Psycle or Boomcycle or Another Space. Imagine a flock of basic bitches and basic boys in their best lycra all spinning, bouncing and dancing while an instructor shouts motivational things at them in a dark room with neon, flashing lights all around. Everyone is encouraged to ride together and keep the same pace as the group. This reduces any competitiveness and helps create that feeling of unity and community.

The spin instructors at Psycle are like goddesses. Not only are they all beautiful, toned and strong, but they’re DJs and therapists too. They have to go through training before they are qualified and it’s not just physical; they learn how to truly motivate people, tap into their emotions and inspire them. They cheer you on and instead of shouting things like, “turn the resistance up” and “faster, harder, more,” they shout “turn up your courage” and “find your bravery.” It sounds cheesy but it’s actually wonderful. At the end of the class, everyone claps and high fives the instructor on the way out.

Going to spin class at Psycle has helped change my attitude towards fitness. Yes, it’s about challenging yourself and pushing yourself. But it’s also about being part of a group, having fun and feeling good about yourself. During the cool-down, the lights go way down and the last recovery ride is all about focusing on your mind, your body and yourself. It’s a ride for you and only you. Post-class it’s time to hit the showers with complimentary shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant, cotton buds and more. You can even grab a smoothie at their juice bar on the way out.

Spin class is an hour where you can turn off the outside noise and stress of living in a city like London and feel good about yourself. It’s a class for everyone; guys, girls, gym bunnies, first-timers and more. Don’t take your phone in with you, there’s no need. All you need is water, a towel and a positive attitude. And if you don’t have a positive attitude going in, you will have one when you leave — trust me. Everyone should try a spin class once, it must just change your life too.