Why Monday Morning Workouts are so Effective


After a weekend of sleep, rest, good food and good company, Monday mornings are the best time to get a really powerful workout in. Your body will be well-rested, well-fed and able to push through a harder workout than you’d ever manage at the end of the week. I enjoy completing my HIIT workouts earlier on in the week and leave my LISS until Thursday or Friday when I’m a lot more tired and struggle to push through any form of high-intensity workout. Currently, I’m training for a Tough Mudder so I’ve been gradually increasing the intensity of my workouts. On Monday morning of this week, I challenged myself to squeeze in as much as I could in 45 minutes.

Below is my Monday Sweat Session Workout:

  • Rowing 1000m
  • 75 Burpees with Press-Ups
    • Complete this circuit in five separate sets split into 200m and 15 burpees. You can do regular burpees or try a variation. I did burpees with press-ups but you could incorporate star jumps, squat jumps, jumping lunges or any explosive exercise to make this exercise even more challenging!
  • 60 Second Stairmaster Sprints
  • 60 Second Planks
    • Repeat this circuit four times and if you want to up the level of difficulty, add in Kettlebell swings after the planks.
  • Running at 11.5km/h on 1.5 incline
    • Run for a constant 20 minutes or split this into four 5-minute sections with rest periods or wall-sits in-between.

Sounds easy, right? Try completing this circuit as fast as you can with no more than 20 seconds of rest at a time to catch your breath. You are guaranteed to leave the gym feeling the burn! Remember, to burn fat and build or maintain lean muscle, HIIT is more effective than long periods of steady LISS/cardio. For optimal results, combine HIIT, LISS/cardio and strength training incorporating 1-2 rest days for recovery. Nutrition and fitness is personal so the same approach won’t work for everyone. Most importantly, results take time so be patient, stay focused, work hard and never stop believing in yourself.